Book #2...

Writing to Win Federal Grants -The Workbook
By Cheryl L. Kester, Karen L. Cassidy

I never thought I would author (or in this case, co-author) one book, much less two! But it's done (and available online at both and plug). I don't have  #2 -- the Workbook -- in my hands yet, but of the two I think it's the one that's most helpful.

Several colleagues have asked why Cheryl and I would put actual proposals that were funded in our book. The answer is simple. We both believed that showing was perhaps better than telling...and we have fabulous clients that agreed we could publish them. (Please know all the mistakes that you will likely find are ours, not our clients.) 

If you buy book #2 (and please ask me how to get a discount before you buy), I hope you find it as helpful as we intended it to be. I'd also ask you to share with me what you wished was inside and isn't. After all, there's always another edition to plan.

All the best,



If you follow me on Twitter, you'll often see #granttotd. If you're wondering what it is, it's Grant Thought of The Day.  It's generally where I'll muse briefly about something that occurred to me, something I read, or something I saw. Look for it on Twitter!

Looking for Simplicity...

I never knew getting a website just the way I wanted it would be so hard. I'm OK with technology. I tweet, post to facebook, work with documents and data constantly. But trying to convey what I wanted in a website...what matches my personal sense of style...has been more than five years in the making. 

I'm not a fan of websites that look fussy or noisy. Most website designers want things that are full of color with headers here and sub-headers there. Most want you to have multiple plug-ins and design sites that have eye-popping colors and things that are flashy. But that's not me.

It's similar to my grant proposal writing style. I vary my sentence structure. Even though I'm sure many of the reviewers have a Ph.D., I keep thing simple. I use charts, tables and illustrations to help me explain complex issues. I use 12 point font (generally Times New Roman). I don't crowd the page. I make sure that my reviewers have the white space they need for notes, and to rest their eyes. As my great-grandmother used to remind me, I never use dollar words when a nickel word will do. I write to convey meaning, not to impress.

I hope you like the look of my new website. I give kudos to my son for finally listening and helping me to keep it simple looking. If there's something missing, drop us a line and we'll work to include it. But if you're looking for flashing lights and other do-dads, you won't find them. It's just not my style.

Oh, and the kid has convinced me to periodically blog. You'll find my musings and hopefully some really helpful information here from time to time. Be sure to check back.

All the Best,