Karen Cassidy, GPC, Principal

Karen has more than 25 years experience in the grants profession and, over the course of her career, has obtained more than $350 million in grant funds for her employers and clients. On behalf of her employers and clients she has obtained funding from a wide variety of federal funders ranging from the Department of Agriculture to USAID, and large national foundations such as The Henry Luce Foundation, the Educational Foundation of America, and many others.

Karen is a member of the Grant Professionals Association (GPA) where she serves on the Board of Directors and several committees (PG&D -- Professional Growth & Development, Governmental Advocacy Task Force, and Long Range Planning). She will complete her term of service on the Board of Directors of the Grant Professionals Certification Institute in December 2018, but will remain a member of the Marketing Committee as she is committed to the grants profession. She earned her GPC in 2011, and has maintained it since. Locally, Karen remains a member of the St. Louis Regional Chapter of the Grant Professionals Association and has previously served the Chapter as Board Secretary, Vice-President and President. 

Karen adheres to the GPA professional code of ethics, and strives to remain current in the field. A pool of talented grants professionals and writers rounds out our firm (serving in an "of counsel" status), providing expertise in areas such as the arts and health care and allowing us great flexibility in responding to your exact situation. 


Karen is passionate about increasing the capacity of organizations in the St. Louis metro area (and beyond) to obtain and effectively manage federal grant funds. As time allows, she mentors junior grant professionals and supports them to develop the skills necessary to write complex grant proposals.

Karen obtained her bachelor's degree from Washington University in St. Louis and worked for more than six years in the U.S. House of Representatives for Congressman Bob Wise (West Virginia) and Congressman Richard A. Gephardt (MO). After leaving the House of Representatives, Karen has worked for social service agencies in St. Louis including the United Way of Greater St. Louis and The Salvation Army as well as at Washington University School of Law.

When not writing grants, conducting evaluations, or providing training in the community, Karen spends her time trying to learn how to knit, keeping up with her son Andrew (who is pursuing a degree in political science at Mizzou), maintaining the family calendar with husband Steve's many travels for work, and planning a family vacation (sometimes extended family vacations too). The family is now owned by two dogs -- Wendy and Archie -- who are the best of friends. Unfortunately, Wendy-dog still doesn't know how to stay quiet (without resorting to cookie bribery) when Karen's on yet-another conference call and is teaching Archie her bad habits.  And of course, Karen is planning another trip to Disney World -- Spring Break anyone?

Jackie Cassidy, Office Manager

After working for years as an RN and raising her family, Jackie decided to join her daughter's consulting adventure. While she often quips that her role is still trying to keep Karen organized all these years later, Jackie provides the support necessary to ensure that a professional and well written product is always provided to the client. She's often the friendly voice you will hear on the phone asking for the necessary documents to ensure a responsive submission or scheduling a meeting. Trust us, you'd rather have Jackie calling you asking for documents than Karen standing in your office demanding them.

Andrew Goewert, Research & Media Manager


As part of Generation Y, Andrew is ideally suited to support the business research and media efforts. Andrew has long had a heart for community building. Karen, Andrew's mom, loves to tell the story about how Andrew, in first grade, raised more than $2,000 to build a school building in Senegal. His generous spirit, combined with his IT and organizational talents, make him valuable member of the team. He's often the one that sends the emails, creates document sharing sites, and helps when things crash. As a high school junior and volunteer he wrote his first grant proposal and looks forward to learning more.

Currently, Andrew is interning in the Missouri House (after working on Capitol Hill in Spring 2017), and attends the University of Missouri in Columbia, where he's studying Political Science. (Yes, the apple didn't fall too far from the tree!) With college graduation drawing ever nearer, he's also exploring his grad school/law school options, and is thinking about either working on a campaign or up in DC for a year or so after graduating from Mizzou. With the dual-credits he earned while a student at  St. John Vianney High School (he graduated from there with honors in 2016), it looks like Andrew will graduate from Mizzou a semester or two early (possibly beating his mom's record of graduating from WashU in 3 1/2 years).

Morgan Goewert, Research Assistant

Currently, Morgan is a first-year Kindergarten teacher (and is loving every minute of her work). She remains interested in grant writing and is learning the skill so that she can improve her classroom (by securing grants). So far, she's been very successful in gaining funding through Donor's Choose -- way to go Morgan -- bringing STEM resources and technology to her classroom. In her spare time, she provides support with research on a variety of topics that allow the firm to develop high quality grant proposals. She's a whiz at navigating Fact Finder, O*Net, and other resources so if you're having a hard time finding data, just ask Karen or Morgan and they'll whip out facts that will leave you wondering, how did they find that!