What we do….and let’s talk about myths and misconceptions!

Governmental Grant Professionals, LLC works collaboratively with organizations, supporting them to develop highly competitive grant proposals. For new clients, our practice area is devoted to one of four areas: 1) Federal and large, national foundation proposals; 2) Program evaluation; 3) Grants management; and 4) Advocacy.

STOP! Before you pick up that phone to call me, please let me address some of the common myths and phone calls I receive: 

  1. Don’t believe the late-night infomercials. There are NO GRANTS that will help you start a business, buy a boat, etc!

  2. If you are a new, start-up, non-profit you will likely not get a large federal grant award that more than doubles the size of your organization. In other words, you need a track record with measurable outcomes!

  3. If you are thinking about starting a non-profit, STOP! With more than 1.5 million non-profit organizations in the United States, chances are there is already an organization out there working to address the issue you are passionate about. Try to partner with them before you consider opening your own nonprofit. Remember a nonprofit is still a business. Do your homework and have a business plan.

  4. Grants are hardly ever the first source of funding for an organization and are rarely the only source of funding for a program. Programs where grants are the only source of funding are difficult to sustain.

  5. A consultant brings more than writing ability to the table. For example, when I work with clients I advise them about program design, budget development, evaluation strategies, and much more.

  6. Yes, you do need to follow ALL of the guidelines when writing a grant proposal — including page limits!

  7. Federal grants are generally more complex than most foundation proposals — but you can write them on your own.

  8. Developing a high quality proposal that is fully responsive to a funding announcement takes time! Most federal proposals will require 70 hours or more (sometimes significantly more) to complete! (Please understand that unless we have an existing relationship I will likely NOT drop everything to help you get a grant proposal developed in 10 days or less, giving up my nights and weekends!)

  9. I generally do not do reviews of grant proposals that you have written unless we have an existing relationship.

  10. And finally, no, I will not work on a commission basis -- see the services and fees tab for a deeper explanation of why.

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Writing to Win Federal Grants -The Workbook
By Cheryl L. Kester, Karen L. Cassidy